In 2021 TURNkey applied for the Horizon Results Booster, an EU-funded service package through which it had expert support to disseminate its research achievements more effectively. Participation in this service has brought TURNkey into contact with a number of EU-funded projects that share the main goal of making Europe more resilient to earthquakes.

Among these projects are CRISIS, REDACt, and METIS: with them TURNkey formed GeoSense – Earthquake Risk Mitigation Cluster.

The GeoSense cluster mainly addresses policy makers and state, regional and local authorities (e.g. civil protection) and provides them with tangible solutions to mitigate seismic risk in Europe. These solutions are also intended to support them in dealing with an emergency after an earthquake. The GeoSense cluster will present its outputs in the webinar “Coordinated solutions for a more resilient society“, which will be held on May 18, 2022.


GeoSense fact-sheet

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GeoSense policy brief

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