WP2 – Validation and standardization of the TURNkey procedure and monitoring at the Testbeds


The aims of this WP are:

  1. The coordination and management of the consistent deployment of instruments and provisions of real-time data streams for the development of the TURNkey FWCR (Forecasting – Early Warning – Consequence Prediction – Response) platform.
  2. The implementation of the system for monitoring, processing, analysis and visualization purposes in the geographically-based European Testbeds (TBs).
  3. The performance evaluation and validation of the TURNkey platform against end-user use-cases, ensuring a sustained flow of information to other WPs as needed.
  4. The inventory of ground-motion and building response monitoring systems in all TBs, the identification, classification and standardization of such systems for realtime earthquake information for early warning (EEW) purposes based on stakeholder needs, recommendations for a sustainable and continued monitoring of earthquake ground motions in the TB optimized for EEW.
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