WP2 – Validation and standardization of the TURNkey procedure and monitoring at the Testbeds

(Lead beneficiary: Ulce) (M2-M28)


Work Package 2 (WP2) has the following objectives:

  1. The coordination and the management of the consistent deployment of instruments, the provision of real-time data streams for the development of the TURNkey FWCR (Forecasting – Early Warning – Consequence Prediction – Response)
  2. The implementation of the system for monitoring, processing, analysis, and visualization purposes in the geographically based European testbeds (TBs).
  3. The performance evaluation and validation of the TURNkey platform against end-user use-cases, ensuring a sustained flow of information to other WPs as needed.
  4. The inventory of ground-motion and building response monitoring systems in all TBs, the identification, classification, and standardization of such systems for EEW purposes based on stakeholder needs, recommendations for a sustainable and continued monitoring of earthquake ground motions in the TB optimized for EEW.


Work Package 2 (WP2) oversees the management of activities, instrument deployment, and the implementation, testing and validation of the TURNkey FWCR (Forecasting – Early Warning – Consequence Prediction – Response) platform carried out in the eight different testbeds (TBs) of the project.
WP2 coordinates the deployment of the cost-effective TURNkey multi-sensor units, the strong-motion (Raspberry Pi 4D) and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) (YetItMoves) instruments, developed in the project (WP6), in the TBs. From the outset of the project, the deployments address the urgent needs that have been identified by each respective TB-team for improved network coverages on a case-by-case basis for each TB, so that all aspects of exposure to earthquake ground motions can be estimated (for spatial density, population density, exposed infrastructure, and concentrated risk) within TURNkey and over its duration. This deployment also ensures that earthquake ground motion data starts streaming in real-time into the TURNkey platform, making data available for WP3, WP4 and WP5 and enabling the start of the TURNkey platform development (WP6).
WP2 also compiles a comprehensive inventory of the monitoring systems in the TBs, both in terms of earthquake ground motion monitoring and structural vibration monitoring and carries out a SWOT (Strength-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) analysis of their respective states with respect to OEF/EEW/RRE and stakeholder needs, so that a sustainable long-term monitoring plan will be in place after the project’s completion. The WP outlines a proposal to address the corresponding minimum, medium and maximum requirements for that purpose, from WP results and stakeholder needs. We plan to establish standardization of procedure and best practices for seismic monitoring for OEF/EEW/RRE.
Finally, WP2 performs the implementation, upgrades, evaluation, and validation of the TURNkey platform against end-user use-cases, ensuring a sustained flow of results to other WPs as needed. TB-3 and TB-5 serve also as benchmark to compare common methodologies developed in TURNkey (WP3, WP4 and WP5) and in the twin project RISE (Real-time earthquake rIsk reduction for ReSilient Europe) in order to make sure that the two projects will together enrich the methods and tools made available to the EC and to the community.


Task 2.1: Testbed instrumentation and management (Task lead: UIce) (M2 – M28)

Task 2.2: Ground motion and urban monitoring systems and data in the testbeds (Task lead: UIce) (M2-M18)

Task 2.3: Current state, elaboration and systematization of urban infrastructure (Task lead: BUW) (M2-M18)

Task 2.4: Implementation and validation of the TURNkey FWCR platform in physical and virtual TBs (Task lead: GMP) (M6-M28)

Task 2.5: Evaluation of the TURNkey FWCR against end user use-cases (Task lead: ARU) (M12-M28)


D2.1, D2.2, D2.4: Report on management, TURNkey platform implementation, upgrades, and instrument deployment across TBs (Lead Beneficiary: UIce) (M6, M12, M18)

D2.3: Report on seismic ground motion and urban infrastructure monitoring systems across TBs (Lead Beneficiary: UIce) (M18)

D2.5: Report on the current state, transformation and systematization of urban infrastructure in TBs (Lead Beneficiary: BUW) (M18)

D2.6: Revised use-cases for the FWCR platform version beta (PAR cycle 1) (Lead Beneficiary: ARU) (M20)

D2.7: Report on TURNkey platform performance, simulation and validation (Lead Beneficiary: GMP) (M24)

D2.8: Revised use-cases for the FWCR platform version 2.0 (PAR cycle 2) (Lead Beneficiary: ARU) (M26)

D2.9: TB Management final report (Lead Beneficiary: UIce) (M28)

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