WP6 – TURNkey Multi-sensor unit and cloud-based FWCR Platform

(Lead beneficiary: NOR) (M4-M34)


Work Package 6 (WP6) has the following objectives:

  1. To develop a multi-sensor unit and the cloud-based FWCR (Forecasting – Early Warning – Consequence Prediction – Response) Platform for earthquake forecasting (OEF), real-time earthquake information for early warning (EEW), rapid consequences prediction and rapid response assistance immediately after an earthquake (RRE). The multi-sensor unit is a low-cost instrument based upon the Raspberry Shake 4D. Beside including its own sensors, the Raspberry Shake will also provide the functionality of a data collection and transmission unit. The collocated GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) sensors will be connected to the Raspberry Shake. The use of the multi sensor/format acquisition system CAPS on the Raspberry Shake will allow the acquisition of the additional sensor data (e.g., from existing networks) via data acquisition plugins (to be developed within this project). This data will be transmitted via the same protocol, which will simplify the network infrastructure through the use of internet ports as well the infrastructure at the central data centre as only a single data archive has to be maintained. Access to the data will be available through web-based services.
  2. To extend the seismic development framework SeisComP3 to serve the input data to the modules based on the scientific algorithms and receive the output information making the results available to the different clients as dissemination systems through web-based services.
  3. To implement the scientific algorithms into native SeisComP3 modules as applicable or at least offer an import/export functionality of results for the different modules by applying software wrappers.

Description of the work

The Work Package 6 (WP6) is devoted to the development of the multi-sensor unit and the cloud-based FWCR (Forecasting – Early Warning – Consequence Prediction – Response) platform that can assist the identified stakeholders to react at the earliest stage to reduce the direct and indirect (follow-up) impacts and consequences. The development process of the platform includes the following activities:

  • Improvements of the multi-sensor unit in terms of minification and user friendliness;
  • Optimization of data transmission to reduce traffic and speed;
  • Integration of procedures and predictive models for real-time earthquake source estimation (WP3), consequence prediction in terms of damage and direct/indirect loss (WP4), risk management and safety communication (WP5);
  • Development and integration of hardware and algorithms for transmission of real-time data recorded by various types of sensor units, e.g. those of seismological/strong-motion networks, structural/geodetic monitoring systems, as well as from other potential source of information, such as smartphone-based networks and individuals;
  • Development and integration of algorithms for cloud-based data management system to serve as source of continuous information collection and compilation;
  • Development and integration of algorithms/protocols for: rapid earthquake estimation and rapid consequence prediction; rapid response and risk management; automatic safety trigger and rapid alert message release; and
  • Development of the end user interface of the FWCR platform devoted to the stakeholders and set-up of an end-to-end validation test.


Task 6.1: FWCR Platform – development and integration of modules for OEF, EEW and RRE processing (Task lead: NOR) (M4-M30)

Task 6.2: Development and integration of multi-sensor units-based module for real-time data transmission (Task lead: GMP) (M5-M22)

Task 6.3: Provision and integration from smartphone-based data, online platform and social media data (Task lead: GMP) (M6-M24)

Task 6.4: Development and integration of cloud end user module. (Task lead: B80) (M6-M28)

Task 6.5: FWCR Platform set-up for an end-to-end validation (Task lead: NOR) (M15-M34)

Task 6.6: Testing reactions to the TURNkey prototype amongst citizens and first responders (Task lead: NTC) (M15-M34)


D6.1: Report on the development and integration of multi-sensor hardware and protocol for real-time data transmission from conventional networks to the Platform (Lead Beneficiary: GMP) (M22)

D6.2: Report on integration of data from smartphone-based networks, online platform and social media (Lead Beneficiary: GMP) (M24)

D6.3: Software Specification of the FWCR Components (Lead Beneficiary: NOR) (M24)

D6.4: Software of the FWCR Components (Lead Beneficiary: B80) (M28)

D6.5: Report on the development of OEF, EEW and RRE modules and integration in the FWCR Platform (Lead Beneficiary: NOR) (M30)

D6.6: Software FWCR Platform available and running (Lead Beneficiary: NOR) (M34)

D6.7: Report on reactions to TURNkey prototype amongst citizens and first responders and recommendations further development and dissemination (Lead Beneficiary: NTC) (M34)

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