TB-8 – Mobile EEW for aftershocks Any earthquake-affected area of Europe



Key stakeholders:
FORMISC–SAR teams from the French Ministry of Interior (Civil Protection): chair of the INSARAG regional group “Africa/Europe/Middle East, Security and Emergency Response Agency of the Valencian Community


The objective of this TB is to develop a mobile EEW solution that can be used by USAR (Urban Search & Rescue) teams to protect them from the collapsing risk – in case of aftershocks – of ruins in which they intervene, by warning them several seconds (up to several tens of seconds) before the arrival of the seismic waves on the intervention site. This TB is not related to a particular location, but to a mobile use that can be deployed anywhere in the world, in support of European USAR teams working on behalf of their own country or mobilized via the European Civil Protection mechanism. Therefore, this TB does not benefit from any pre-existing instrumental solution. It is planned to use 7 TURNkey multi-sensor units (5 accelerometric, 2 GNSS) and to integrate them into a mobile EEW version of the TURNkey platform.


TB-7 Image_1

TB-7 – Worldwide: Distribution of LastQuake app users in the countries of the world as of August 2018.