WP8 – Project and Consortium Management

(Lead beneficiary: NOR) (M1-M36)


Work Package 8 (WP8) has the following objectives:

  • To establish proper procedures to manage and monitor project progress and report to the EC.
  • To ensure the highest QA/QC of all project deliverables and effective risk management strategy.
  • To ensure proper time and meeting management.
  • To ensure a strong integration and scientific coordination of project activities.
  • To ensure that liaison with the EC is carried out in an appropriate and timely manner

Description of the work

Work Package 8 (WP8) deals with the central management of the entire project, ensuring that the activities of the other Work Packages and all partners are fully coordinated. It also provides a focal point for communication with the EC and for all administrative and financial aspects of the project.


Task 8.1: Maintaining the project consortium agreement (Task lead: NOR) (M1-M36)

Task 8.2: Project management meetings (Task lead: NOR) (M1-M36)

Task 8.3: Internal communication strategy (Task lead: NOR) (M1-M36)

Task 8.4: Communication with the European Commission (Task lead: NOR) (M1-M36)

Task 8.5: Collation of deliverables and progress reports (Task lead: NOR) (M1-M36)

Task 8.6: Coordination of payments (Task lead: NOR) (M1-M36)

Task 8.7: Quality Assurance/Quality Control and risk management (Task lead: NOR) (M1-M36)

Task 8.8: Management of issues of legal, ethical, security or classified nature (Task lead: NOR) (M1-M36)


D8.1: Consortium Agreement (Lead Beneficiary: NOR) (M2)

D8.2: Project Management Plan (Lead Beneficiary: NOR) (M3)

D8.3: Quality Procedures Manual (Lead Beneficiary: NOR) (M3)

D8.4: Data Management Plan (Lead Beneficiary: NOR) (M6)

D8.5, D8.7, D8.9, D8.11, D8.13, D8.14: Project Board Management Reports (Lead Beneficiary: NOR) (M6, M12, M18, M24, M30, M36)

D8.6, D8.8, D8.10, D8.12, D8.15: Periodic Project Progress Reports (Lead Beneficiary: NOR) (M7, M14, M21, M28, M36)

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