Earthquake Network rewarded in the AppsUP 2020 – Huawei HMS App Innovation Contest

Earthquake Network, the first operational smartphone-based EEW (Earthquake Early Warning) system, is among the winners of the 2020 global application innovation contest promoted by Huawei. Every year, the contest invites leading developers from around the world to submit smartphone apps which use the Huawei Mobile Services in order to help Huawei users navigate everyday life more easily.
More than 3,000 teams from over 170 countries and regions took part, with the contest receiving nearly 1,000 app submissions. This year, the apps submitted promoted innovation in areas such as education, agriculture, environmental protection, transportation and public safety.

Apps have been reviewed by an international panel of judges and voted by the public. Earthquake Network won a $15.000 prize in the “Most Socially Impactful App” category and has received the Honorable Mention by the panel of judges.
Huawei has also invited Earthquake Network to submit its app to the AppGallery store in order to increase its user base and improve its real time earthquake detection capabilities using smartphones which rely on the Huawei Mobile Services.
The collaboration with Huawei will help Earthquake Network to exploit the use of new devices for earthquake detection and for receiving the real time alert through multiple channels.

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