Multi-sensor instrument deployments in selected seismic regions of Europe underway in the TURNkey project

A total of 132 TURNkey RS4D accelerometric and seismic sensor units and 26 TURNkey GNSS units are being deployed in six European Testbeds (TBs): TB1: Bucharest, Romania; TB2: Pyrenees, France; TB3: Towns of Hveragerði and Húsavík (Iceland); TB4: City of Patras and Aegion, Greece; TB5: Ports of Gioia Tauro, Italy; and TB6: Groningen, Netherlands. The deployments serve the purpose of partially addressing weaknesses in existing sensor networks, and to secure and demonstrate the real-time streaming of multidisciplinary data (e.g., seismic, deformation, structural response, etc.) that adhere to a common data format and are recorded by multisensor instruments in European seismic regions that range in their tectonic setting, levels, and types of earthquake hazard, population densities, types of vulnerable infrastructure, and spatial extents. This data, in addition to earthquake impact reports from worldwide affected seismic regions (TB7), and transient data from TURNkey’s EEW mobile system for aftershock (TB8), forms the basis of the development of the anticipated TURNkey platform. The deployment now stands at 60% completeness, with two TBs having completed their installations of RS4D and collocated GNSS units at M18-M20. The deployment status has thus reached a level that fully enables the testing of solutions developed and their validation, which is the focus of the first part of the second half of the project. Then, the platform is to be evaluated by stakeholders in the TBs, with respect to its performance in forecasting, early warning, consequence prediction, and response to strong earthquake occurrence and effects.

  • TURNkey seismic sensor installed within a building in Bucharest, Romania (TB1).

  • A GNSS station inNorth Iceland, just outside the town of Húsavík (TB3), with a TURNkey RS4D enclosed in a IP67 weather-proof box anchored to the bedrock and under a protection cover.

  • A standalone TURNkey RS4D unit in Húsavík (TB3) under a protection cover on the floor of a building basement. The unit is composed of a power-over-ethernet cable connecting the RS4D with a connection box on the wall containing mains voltage transformer, backup battery, and a 4G low-frequency router.

  • TURNkey multi-sensor unit, including a seismic sensor and a GNSS receiver, deployed on a strategic wharf structure at the port of Gioia Tauro in Italy (TB5).

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