The GeoSense Project Group

In 2021 we applied to the Horizon Results Booster, a package of EU-funded services through which we had an expert support to disseminate more effectively our research results. Participating in this service brought us into contact with a number of EU- funded projects with which we share the main objective to make Europe more seismically resilient.
Among these projects there are CRISIS, REDACt, and METIS: with them we partnered up as GeoSense – Earthquake Risk Mitigation Cluster.
CRISIS is a two-years project (2021-2022), whose main objective is to improve the disaster and emergency management in case of earthquake and/or landslides in the cross-border region of North Macedonia, Albania, and Greece.
REDACt is a three-year project (2020-2023) that aims to improve the cross-border joint environmental data and information monitoring as well as availability and cooperation in seismic disaster prevention, management, and risk mitigation. The countries involved in the project are located in the area around the Black Sea.
METIS is a four-years project (2020 -2024) whose overall objective is to propose innovations in tools and methodologies for seismic safety assessment of reactors and to develop a new state of the art, in particular by supporting technology transfer from the research community to the industry.
We decided to join our forces as, although we work towards the same ultimate goal, each of us pursues it through research activities on different topics, leading to the development of different procedures and tools.
The GeoSense cluster mainly addresses policy makers and state, regional, and local authorities (e.g., Civil Protection) and provides them with tangible solutions to mitigate seismic risk in Europe. These solutions are also intended to support them in dealing with an emergency after an earthquake.

Read our policy brief to learn more about the GeoSense Cluster and its tools.

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