Virtual Workshop on WP3: State-of-Art and Future Development

Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, on the 26th and 27th of March 2020 the WP3 workshop was held on-line and not at BRGM’s offices in Paris, as originally planned. The conveners for different sessions were UStr, UCL/EUC, BRGM, INFP, EMSC/UNIBG, EUC and BRGM and the overall event was chaired by John Douglas and Alireza Azarbakht (UStr, the leaders of WP3) with logistic support by Benedikt Halldorsson and Atefe Darzi (UIce). Between 35 and 40 people participated in the workshop at various times with all WP3 partners well represented. The meeting was focused on the two ongoing tasks related to operational earthquake forecasting, early warning and rapid response actions. Additionally, the kick-off meetings for two new tasks on early warning and rapid response actions were held during this event. The workshop was very productive and highlighted a number of points where there is scope for stronger collaboration amongst partners and tasks in order to avoid duplicated efforts and to lead to better project outcomes. New ideas for how to achieve the project’s objectives were also developed.

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