Workshop on WP2 at NORSAR

In October 2021, and after a long period without any physical meetings, the partners involved in the development of the TURNkey platform (NORSAR, B80, Gempa) and the partners responsible for the end-user research (Anglia Ruskin University, Nutcracker Research) finally met at NORSAR for a physical workshop! The aim of the workshop was to evaluate the performance of the TURNkey FWCR platform from the end-user’s perspective at the end of the 2nd Participatory Action Research (PAR) cycle with a view to prioritizing development work during the 3rd and final PAR cycle. In order to do that, beginning to end simulations of the application of the TURNkey FWCR platform were performed through hypothetical scenarios for two types of stakeholders:

  • business and critical infrastructure organisations; and
  • civil protection/emergency responders.
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